[Vwdiesel] Ecology & Politics

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Mon Feb 21 16:31:10 EST 2005

Lots of things lose relevance when not completed.

> http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1206-10.htm

  Hmmm, we're supposed to take this as a serious environmental 
article, information or opinion???
  My first beef has to do with the presenter.  Mrs Streep single handedly 
put a LOT of farmers under or into years of heavy debt with her unproven
allegations about the orchard spray Alar. 
  Unrelated to that though, he gets in what, two paragraphs before 
most of the rest of his commentary on the environment becomes 
a tirade on bashing the "religious right"?????  Sure that appeals to 
the emotional part of the left, infuriates much of the right but has 
no place in logical progression.  It's basically an opportunity to 
express his distaste for a group of people, justifying it behind 
environmental issues and taking that opportunity to "preach" his 
own version of gospel.  
  Honestly I only made it through about half of the "article" since I'm 
one, a slow reader and two, it lost relevance after just a couple paragraphs 
and showed no signs of getting back on track.
  Anybody have a wiring diagram for an '86 Subaru 4X turbo?  I've got 
a bad connection somewhere between the switch and the vacuum 
valves it operates.

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