[Vwdiesel] Rabbit Hagar and ECO things ? ---( love to tell this tale )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Feb 21 17:33:42 EST 2005

I am born 1932 october. so I know about the effect of 1929.

Armstrong the Texan ?    ---on a bike ?  ----bet your ass and Hagar could give him

a run for his money in  1954.

I consider myself blessed to have had that experience .   WHY ?.

So you are in a morning rush in LA ?  are you talking to that blonde in the car next to you ?

AH the super thing about a bike? ----you CAN talk to that BLONDE (I prefer blackheads)    ---or if you are a woman
that HUNK  ----and yes it did go on. ---Exactly like that.       Millions of dates in Holland and Denmark started that way.----------- and fun it was.

I was at Atlantic City board walk  ----miss Bikini or something  ,  ----Nothing  compared
to my impression of  Miss Copenhagen cyclist.  on the way to Kastrup Fortet.
for the judging. --------If you know one of them please PM me.

Sorry I transgressed from TRANPORTATION to   ----- ejoyment of the opposite SEX.

But transportation of a responsible kind ?  ---fast and efficient  say 20  Km radius ?

I do miss  that bicycle  culture. ---I have the bike ---but Cars will not respect us.

My advice to my American friends ?    make the lanes NOW ?    I see those bikes with small
diesels.------in Denmark shit did they ever go ?.   yeah DIESELS   and they had a very
special sound pattern ---smaller cc  for one thing -----mine was a 50 cc gasser.

In Denmark they were called  "A Knallert"  ---no I can not translate. -----but they appereared in 1948
or so.

Mine had a steel roller on the rear wheel ----and it would go ----no shit . Crappy part was
that it had to have those insane Danish  Licence Plates -------look up one and you will know.

Motorcycle   ?   ----but it could still be driven on the bicycle path. .See a nice girl ?
and shut down the engine and peddle. Who would not ?   ------the memories are too
much right now so excuse me.


Something special about Danish and Duch  girls on bicycles ?    ---you bet the upbringing..

She is likely to look at you and say :  WHAT are you looking at ? ---I am sitting on IT.

ECO ? lets leave a bit for the kids.--------------and  so on.     NOT a heap of GARBAGE.

More on this some other time.   So why did I not have a diesel ? --they were more money.

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