[Vwdiesel] Diesel Bunny Fix-it Day--Topeka Kansas

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 18:31:44 EST 2005

Bryant and I are scheduling an informal Diesel
Day at my parent's house this weekend.  

We're gonna get my head gasket replaced, as well as
check the timing and stuff on Bryant's bunny.

I've got the dial indicator gauge that is used to time
the engine, as well as a set of valve adjusting shims
and the cam and pump locking tools.

So, if anyone is interested in coming out to Topeka
and helping/learning then you are certainly invited.

My parents have a grill, so maybe we could all
contribute some meat and turn it into a real fun

I cleared it with them, and the don't care if a bunch
of folks come over driving old, rattly diesel VWs!  

If you plan on checking your valve clearances, then be
sure to have a new valve cover gasket unless you've
modified it to use a reuseable rubber gasket.

>From Highway 75--We are north of Topeka a little
ways... Go East on 62nd street (There will be signs
pointing to the State Lake west, so go the opposite
way as those signs).  Go almost exactly two miles to
Nickell Rd, it will only turn north.  First Driveway
on the left, the address is 6247.  It is a white

>From Highway 24--Go north on Topeka Blvd.  Take that
all the way up to 62nd street, and head west to
Nickell Rd, I think it is about a mile.

My cell # is 785-806-0254, parents # 785-246-2150 (but
don't call that one until Saturday).

I'll probably try to get started between 8-9 in the
morning Saturday, whoever shows up whenever is cool.


David Cook
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