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Actually plants do produce CO2 during respiration that takes place in the
dark.  Photosynthesis can only operate in the presence of sunlight so at
night, in order to produce food, they have respiration processes that
produce CO2.  As stated. it turns out that the oceans are the best sink for
CO2 especially in limestone producing organisms.  Unfortunately, the most
important of the modern limestone producing organisms today, the corals, are
negatively effected by higher ocean temps.  In the past (my specialty as a
geologist/paleontologist) the oceans were filled with a vast source of
microscopic limestone producing organisms that could quickly turn excess CO2
in to limestone (Calcium carbonate).  I don't know where we are headed
temperature or CO2 wise but I know that the earth has systems in place to
correct over supplies.  The unfortunate aspect is that usually, in order to
effect balance, some life forms become extinct.  We may be on that list.  So
I will drive my TDI and other diesel vehicles as long as I can!  ;^) this
being the necessary diesel content required to remain on topic.  Hayden
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> All plant matter is made by taking co2 and water and combining them into
> hydrocarbons through photosythesis.  It is true that one phase of
> produces co2 and absorbs o2, but the other phase of producing o2 and
> co2 is far greater.  The net result of plants growing is the production of
> hydrocarbons and the absorption of co2 and water.  Plants do not produce
(net) co2
> they fix it into hydrocarbon, to say that they do is ridiculous.  It would
> like saying that humans absorb water.  Completely absurd.
> As Loren mentioned, ocean life is perhaps a better sink for co2 than
>  One concern is that a liquids capacity to dissolve co2 is decreased
> dramatically as the temperature is increased.  My most major hope is that
> temperature will cause oceanic life to increase co2 absorbing ability.
That has
> not been demonstrated.

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