[Vwdiesel] Keep on topic please

Jeff Rakus turbobrick at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 22 15:50:40 EST 2005

Guys ,

      I work with so called "Journalists" and I use the term in a loose way especially in regard to the major paper in New York. None are for the people as much as they say they are and one even said " they will believe anything we tell them". The "they" in that sentence is the viewing /reading public. After working with the "Journalists" I no longer believe anything any of them say or do. I have seen so many of them that drive SUV's with enviro tags as 1 person cars to drive short distances to work. Sorry for the rant but lets please keep on topic here on the list and find elsewhere for the politics. After all this is the VW Diesel list. The diesel list is my escape from such politics and sadness I see every day where I work.

      Sincerely ,
      Jeff Rakús 
Jeff Rakús 

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