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While I concur that we have gotten substantially off topic, there is a 
thread.  When VW diesels first hit the US (I was an early adoptor), 
they were priced such that there was little economic benefit to their 
purchase (as is the case with hybrid cars today).  As a result, 
some purchasers were making a statement, which for me included something
like, "I do not need a living room on wheels, I can live with a little 
inconvenience.  I am willing to go new places, and do the unconventional
in a sensible manner."  Those close to me might question my sensibility.

Hundreds to times: What's a big guy (6' 4" +, and not exactly thin)
like you doing in a little car like that?
Big rigs and trains have problems in cold weather, how do you keep
that thing running?
Uncle Jake's Olds Diesel broke a crankshaft, is that reliable?
Where in the world can you find someone to work on that?  (we all know
THAT answer)

My kids ridicule me because my car is the last out of the stop light,
and then they want that car to drive, because they can drive twice as 
far per dollar.

When I first gave a ride to a Romanian born Physicist who I worked with,
in 1977, in my diesel Rabbit, we pulled into his driveway, and he 
turned to me, and exclaimed that this would run of peanut oil and vegatable
oil, a good thing, if one were in a war torn area.

We know what's happened since 1977.  Rabbits were a popular car until 
the early 1980's.  The diesel Rabbit developed a reputation for being
hard to start with fuel problems, just like every other diesel.
(This, of course, had allot to do with fuel handling, blending and
so on.)  Oldsmobile (GM) developed a bad reputation with their diesels,
and some of the other diesel car endors had problems with theirs.
But the Rabbit was more popular than all of them, and more affordable 
than the MB.  Fortunately, many of the prior owners took good enough
care of their vehicles, so there are still some out there to buy.

As we all recognize, cars are part of culture, and have an image associated
with them (valid or not).  

>From my end, I always saw a minivan as an overgrown Rabbit.  What has 
escaped us in the newer cars is the simplicity which existed in the 
early VWdiesels.  No PS, no PB, no AC for quite a few years (except
as an add-on).  The car could be push started, and effectively be
run without a battery.  It was light, but could haul four adults in a 
pinch.  One could drive all weekend on a little more than a tank of
fuel.  One ad pointed out that you could drive from NYC to BOS
for less than a 20 minute phone call (or something to that effect).

In the 80's some of us hams would gather around on a regular basis, 
and compare maintenance notes.  VWs, MB, Citroen and Subaru.
There was some innovation, and allot of "how do I fix this".
We did work arounds, and we did experiments.  

Creative outlets are a good thing, whether it's VWdiesel fixing, 
woodworking or airplane building.  Sometimes we get off on a 
tangent, often a derivative of "why were here doing these things",
and that's OK.  

End of rant.  Who has mastered the art of pulling transmissions 
for clutch changes?  After I teach my 16 yo daughter to use her
left foot, I want to have her help me change the clutch.  

Then I'll transfer that recent experience to a Dodge minivan that 
has a bad rear crankshaft seal.

I can see a transmission jack in the future?  Harbor Freight?
I've used a floor jack, and clamps, but I think I can justify a 
modest outlay, especially with the heavier automatic transmission
on the minivan.

Suggestions on the transmission jobs?


ps: Journalists.  Sounds like your friends have high ambition.  
Psychologists constantly remind me that people act in their own
self-interest, always.  So align yourself with people who enjoy
compatable self-interests, eh?

> Guys ,
>       I work with so called "Journalists" and I use the term in a loose =
> way especially in regard to the major paper in New York. None are for =
> the people as much as they say they are and one even said " they will =
> believe anything we tell them". The "they" in that sentence is the =
> viewing /reading public. After working with the "Journalists" I no =
> longer believe anything any of them say or do. I have seen so many of =
> them that drive SUV's with enviro tags as 1 person cars to drive short =
> distances to work. Sorry for the rant but lets please keep on topic here =
> on the list and find elsewhere for the politics. After all this is the =
> VW Diesel list. The diesel list is my escape from such politics and =
> sadness I see every day where I work.
>       Sincerely ,
>       Jeff Rak=FAs=20
>  =20
> Jeff Rak=FAs 
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