[Vwdiesel] Ecology & Politics

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Tue Feb 22 19:38:52 EST 2005

> To rationalize the usurping of the Earth, based on the belief that the Lord 
> is on his way to tighten it all up in the end, and the sooner the better, 
> has no basis in fact, scientific or otherwise. 

The big problem with that argument is that only you are argueing it. YOU 
brought it into the discussion, you are perpetuating it.  NOBODY else 
is taking an "immanent return" stance here, on the environment.
  Just takes all the fun out of these discussions.  ;-)

That I am the only one making this point has no bearing on its validity.
However, you are right - this is not so much fun. 
I think that maybe because I am older now & have seen how fast some things 
change & how some other things get left behind, I get sort of desperate to find 
the causes; knowing there isn't all that much time left. I will hereby cease 
and desist. This too pure a list to corrupt with such deviation.

Bob in NY

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