[Vwdiesel] Rabbit Hagar and ECO things ? ---( love to tell thistale )

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Feb 23 00:55:37 EST 2005

> There is movement in this direction and it works rather well in
> urbanized
> Areas.  Out in the rural areas, bicycling doesn't cut much of a swath.
> Distances are too great.  We have a long ways to go before matching the 
> European model for multi-modal transportation.  It seems to be directly
> related to population density and energy cost.

  They spent I believe it was 1.5 million to WIDEN the bike/ped area on one 
bridge.  It was easily passable, they just had to slow down or one stop 
to pass and it wasn't that heavily used.  
  Dual rail mainlines would be a great thing for rail in this country.  
but then it could open up the opportunity for independant operators.  Make 
each line one way and then local companies could run short lines with 
only an engine, cars and use tax/fee.  Todays electronics and GPS 
could allow a train to go through a town, release the rear car, ahead, 
switch it to a siding, brake and tada.  Same with adding a car.  Match 
speed with the local engine, couple up, realease the engine and go back 
to "base."  Of course that would mess up the "on the fly" dropoff of the 
next car.  I'd like to see rail utilized more.  Talk about some diesel 
engines!  :-)

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