[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 145 ---- ( education of an OLD geezer )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Feb 23 12:30:32 EST 2005

Jeff Rakus   ---  relax  ---we will all get past this little pothole.  (together I hope)

Bob in NY  please stay with us.

When I first stumbled in here --- I said it the way it was --IRS had plucked every feather.

and I was broke.      ------  That was years ago  and I have a little bit of spare cash in
the piggy bank (mattress).     I was made to feel welcome by Loren and a bunch of you.

But the room is even more important to me now --why ?     I am stuck housebound in sickbay.
(a lot of time)   ----   does that stop an old highstepper ?  --hell no    The kitchen is
now a lab  ---with fuel tests   and pumps on the floor.

Education ?  well here it is :     Every time I find out where your Rabbits are
hanging out ?   like  Ta-pee-ka    or   Gloster Meteor land  or north Carolina ---and
so on ?    ----I have a world map  and world almanac and google----So I now make up for
flunking Geography  back in Denmark.   This being an american room  I mostly  look
up USA sites.    BUT     right now my steely blue eyes (blurry?) are on Finland and Vartsila.
Amazing how many places I have been to (73 years)   yeah even  Temagami  .Ont.  Canada.

Orlando ?   Fla. ?   --Daytona  and Sebring -- super time.   So let us know how the
Rabbit fix went in Ta-pee-ka ?  eh guys.    I am looking forward to a  Loren  Dieselfest.
at Pacific Beach.

What about Hagar ?   where and what does he stand for ? 

Religion ?   I have none --- BUT I respect all   and if you are JW ,Catolik or whatever ? fine with me.

Politics ? ---  :  I am  smack dead center   ---åh  maybe an inch to the LEFT.

Race and color ? :  NO problems - I accept ALL   but  I am white like a maggot.

On  DIY  VW Diesels ? :   I accept NO LIMITS to what we can do.

Oh and Gays ? and Lesbians ? :   They never gave me any problems. (I am straight).
they have to get all the benifits we all get  IMHO. (yes I am tolerant).

Outlook on life ?  :--- SUNNY SUNNY   have fun and cherish every minute.

I absolutely enjoy saying and jokes.   So I have a big sign here that say  :

"Life  NOT according to plan --is a better life    always was allways will be ".

Another one say   " I would rather wake up in the morning in the middle of NO WHERE
than ANY city in the world "

My type of joy very often come from Impromteu ---not planned actions.    My Rabbits sleep at
night on highway 101 on the west coast ---way up north. I had 30 seconds to say yes
when a friend of mine who owned a Cessna 172  said lets go to the Bahamas.

It was like Lorens dieselfest  --- it was called  "Snow to Sun flight"   or such.    It was one hell
of a trip.   I am one of the flyboys so I was listed as Co-Pilot .(right hand seat).

You all know that BIG  natural bridge in the desert ?   ---I was at the controls ---IT took ALL my self decipline 
NOT to fly right under the thing.---well it was his Cessna.   We got first price for most
distance flown to the place.As a kid in Denmark     I did  read  about Tom Saywer and
the  "Old man River "? (was it Huck?)  but from 200 feet up ?   man oh man was that one big hummdinger.

But back to Rabbits and Diesels  ----this place is numero uno as far as I am conserned.
Yeah I still have no speller.   So if you have an OLD Rabbit ?    this is the place for sure.


PS :    If you have starting problems ?   remember advance the pump  ---at least
for the cold spell.   ---how do I know ?   I have two here side by side.-- Retard does
not start , advanced  starts like right now.

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