[Vwdiesel] DIESEL RABBIT SIGHTINGS (was rabbit droppings #145)

Smith, Michael Michael.Smith at rvh.nb.ca
Wed Feb 23 13:37:34 EST 2005

Somewhat unrelated, but I was just curious how many Rabbits are still on the
roads around America/Canada?
I know in my city (Fredericton, NB, in Eastern Canada) they are very rare to
see.  Even rarer to see a
'diesel' rabbit.  In the last 2 weeks though, I've seen 2 different
ones...not sure if either was a diesel as
I was quite far away.  

Not quite as rare to see an older Golf....but still quite limited sightings
of them.  Again, rarer to see the diesels.
Aren't too many stations that sell diesel in my city....guessing 4 or
possibly 5 places...tops.  And the only reason
for that is the newer Jetta TDI's, which are growing slowly in popularity,
but they are (excuse my French) DAMN
expensive here.  Would blow you away if you know what one of those things

The thing is...if they are used as daily drivers, they rot as we get lots of
ice and snow and have quite a long winter here
so the cars just don't last.


I really enjoy going south...or west....as I get to see many cars (all type)
that I haven't seen in decades....still in use as daily drivers !

Mike in NB

> But back to Rabbits and Diesels  ----this place is numero uno as far as I
> am conserned.
> Yeah I still have no speller.   So if you have an OLD Rabbit ?    this is
> the place for sure.
> Hagar.
> PS :    If you have starting problems ?   remember advance the pump  ---at
> least
> for the cold spell.   ---how do I know ?   I have two here side by side.--
> Retard does
> not start , advanced  starts like right now.
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