[Vwdiesel] DIESEL RABBIT SIGHTINGS (was rabbit droppings #145)

Gerry Wolfe gjwolfe at telus.net
Wed Feb 23 13:44:38 EST 2005

Here in Nanaimo, BC, there are quite a few diesel A2's still on the road,
some diesel A1's.

Last summer even saw a VW PU with a "diesel" patch and the letters "bio"
stuck on in front the patch.  It had Oregon plates if memory serves

A lot of newer TDIs... salesman at the stealership says they're selling
close to 50% diesels and they go like hot cakes.

Not too much rust, either.  Seems like the only rusty cars I see out here
are older Japanese cars (and Fords, of course!)

rgds, g.

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> Somewhat unrelated, but I was just curious how many Rabbits are still on
> roads around America/Canada?
> I know in my city (Fredericton, NB, in Eastern Canada) they are very rare
> see.  Even rarer to see a
> 'diesel' rabbit.  In the last 2 weeks though, I've seen 2 different
> ones...not sure if either was a diesel as
> I was quite far away.
> Not quite as rare to see an older Golf....but still quite limited
> of them.  Again, rarer to see the diesels.
> Aren't too many stations that sell diesel in my city....guessing 4 or
> possibly 5 places...tops.  And the only reason
> for that is the newer Jetta TDI's, which are growing slowly in popularity,
> but they are (excuse my French) DAMN
> expensive here.  Would blow you away if you know what one of those things
> cost.
> The thing is...if they are used as daily drivers, they rot as we get lots
> ice and snow and have quite a long winter here
> so the cars just don't last.
> I really enjoy going south...or west....as I get to see many cars (all
> that I haven't seen in decades....still in use as daily drivers !
> Mike in NB
> > But back to Rabbits and Diesels  ----this place is numero uno as far as
> > am conserned.
> > Yeah I still have no speller.   So if you have an OLD Rabbit ?    this
> > the place for sure.
> >
> >
> > Hagar.
> >
> > PS :    If you have starting problems ?   remember advance the
ump  ---at
> > least
> > for the cold spell.   ---how do I know ?   I have two here side by
> > Retard does
> > not start , advanced  starts like right now.
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