[Vwdiesel] Glowplug used for preheating swirlchambers at 6 volts.

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Feb 23 15:22:15 EST 2005

Val Christian started this one ----and I twigged to it instantly.

In ALL the years I lived here ---never  NEVER was there a time better for testing this NIFTY idea.

Every morning it looks like -----blue sky  and  below 20 F   . The carrots here are white every morning .

Perfect. ----Firstly ?    it is a good idea.   BUT it is complicated to power the plugs at the right voltage.

Read Sandy Camerons threads about this -----   HAMS will have no problems  ---they know
how to parrallel transformers.   Filament transformers   6.3 Volts.

Hammond Transformers are    all over the place in Canada    mine are about    110V
to 6.3 Volts    at 8.0 Amps  ----Bingo 3 in parrellel and we got it.

Sandy Cameron   how is the Puter supply I got insulated from ground ?    27.5 Amps 5.0 Volts
I see no big tranformer inside.  Do the they use high frequency transformers or Caps ?.

If you guys use   "Auto"   transformers  make sure you have no voltage to ground on
Rabbit.  ----I care about Cats and Dogs.

Temagami  to Nanaimo ?    ----is this weather great or what ?.     --Thousands of people in Nanaimo
knows me  ----but NOT as Hagar.   ----  do I hide ? no not at all . BUT  I got targeted by
spammers and HATE mail .(from USA)     This way I can remove this address ---no problemo.

And be someone else. (Who I am )

If you heat the plugs at a low voltage ?  they will last longer than the Rabbit. ----a voltage ?
say 4 .0 volts. (not realistic)    -----6 volts is more like it.       About 30 Amps to start with.

How can you keep Politics away from Volkwagen ?    we can NOT. period.  I wanted to
to strangle the bastard Hitler with my own two hands on may 05 06 ---1945 .But his car ?
greatest thing I ever had the pleasure of driving.  ---If he composed music like Mozart ?
would I listen and copy ?   ---bet your sweet ass. 

Yesterday afternoon ?    I heard what sounded like a lawnmover coming along in front . 

What went by ?   a real old dark red Beetle  ----sounded like no mufflers and running on two at the most.  ----BUT still limping on.  WOW.    The Volkswagen is the only NATIONAL created
car that I know of ----if someone know different let us know.   NONE in Denmark that
I can assure you -----NONE in USA that is for sure.    Volkswagen is an example of the most
incredible  combination of designers of ALL time. ---and remember I was invaded by the bastards.

They invaded Denmark in 1864  and 19 40    and beat the shit out of us (both times).

Only proper to mention that Germany did not exsist   before 1864.

Different name thats all. -----same krauts.   and smart bastards they were.


PS:    The Danes had it coming IMHO   ----they had no reason to go to England
and do what they did.  ---what goes around ?   comes around..

And by the way all the rain we used to get ?    is dumped on LA.     ----here it is as
dry as a Popcorn Fart.  "Beetle is still King".

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