[Vwdiesel] Glowplug used for preheating swirlchambers at 6 volts.

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Wed Feb 23 18:46:08 EST 2005

At 12:18 PM 2/23/05 -0800, you wrote:

>Sandy Cameron   how is the Puter supply I got insulated from ground ?
27.5 Amps 5.0 Volts
>I see no big tranformer inside.  Do the they use high frequency
transformers or Caps ?.

They are safe.
All the new switching supplies do their isolation between the primary and
the secondary of the switcher transformer. The switching oscillator/chopper
is direct conected to the power line, and primary, and all low voltage
circuits to the secondary. There is no connection between any of the
circuitry on the primary and that on the secondary.

They are UL / CSA approved for isolation.

And if you use the U-ground power cord they are equipped with, and a
U-ground extension, your case is grounded back th the panel.

Most PC supplies use several black wires in parallel for the ground/neg, and
+12v on the yellows, and +5v on the reds

Connect all wires of the same colour together to get max  current with min loss.

They all (of each colour) connect to the same pc board traces  inside

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