[Vwdiesel] Glowplug used for preheating swirlchambers at 6 volts.

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Wed Feb 23 18:54:26 EST 2005

But..........you're not going to get 30A @ 6v from one of these
supplies..........or am I missing something??

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> >Sandy Cameron   how is the Puter supply I got insulated from ground ?
> 27.5 Amps 5.0 Volts
> >I see no big tranformer inside.  Do the they use high frequency
> transformers or Caps ?.
> >
> They are safe.
> All the new switching supplies do their isolation between the primary and
> the secondary of the switcher transformer. The switching
> is direct conected to the power line, and primary, and all low voltage
> circuits to the secondary. There is no connection between any of the
> circuitry on the primary and that on the secondary.
> They are UL / CSA approved for isolation.
> And if you use the U-ground power cord they are equipped with, and a
> U-ground extension, your case is grounded back th the panel.
> Most PC supplies use several black wires in parallel for the ground/neg,
> +12v on the yellows, and +5v on the reds
> Connect all wires of the same colour together to get max  current with min
> They all (of each colour) connect to the same pc board traces  inside
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