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Wed Feb 23 21:35:18 EST 2005

I'm hoping to find evidence of some kind when I pull the pistons out as to
why I have so much blow by. 400 miles to a quart of oil even after 5k miles
on the fresh rebuild is very frustrating.  I specifically rebuilt this
engine when I bought the car just so I didn't have this problem.


I have 91 Jetta also - 1.6 N/A. When I bought her she had 350k miles and was 
using 2 quarts of oil to every tank of fuel. Pistons were very loose in bore. 
During break in she used 1/2 quart of Penzoil 15w40 & then stopped. Now she 
doesn't use ANY oil; I use Mobil1 - 15w50. I change oil every 4k miles. I am old 
back yard mechanic, but I know how to build motors & I will tell you what 
works. I am cheap, too. You may think some of this is crude, but my motors last & 
don't use oil. First, new valve guide oil seals & guides that are servicable. 
I use VITON seals - resistant to diesel. Polish valve stems lengthwise with 
1200 emery paper & then super fine steel wool. Cap keeper grooves when 
inserting valves. Second, clean ring grooves down to metal. I use stacked up hacksaw 
blades - three blades for oil ring groove & two for others. Third, use ball 
hone in bores - looks like bristle brush; slow speed hone, up & down quick to 
create cross hatch patern. Ball hones cover a multitude of evils. If ridge isn't 
real bad, I just blend ridge with bore. Just make sure there is no edge like 
you can catch your finger nail on. Oil on rings on assembly. Stagger gaps. Moly 
grease on bearings. Loose pistons matter very little. Method of break in 
matters A LOT. Use fossil oil for first 10k miles. MARVEL MYSTERY OIL in fuel - 
one pint in full tank. Start new motor & run in your new garage for 1/2 hour or 
so. Burn some incense. Talk to motor with respect. You have put some of your 
soul into her. Retorque head. Then go out on road. GRADUALLY, over the next 100 
miles or so, increase engine speed & load, until you reach full load & speed. 
DO NOT baby it. RPM's within the design limits of motor hurt nothing. After 
200 miles take her out on long straight road & see how fast she will go top 
speed.  I had Gina, my Jetta, over 100mph. Close throttle immediately. Putt 
around for a while, cool down, then do it again. Next day repeat this. Your motor 
will never have to work this hard ever again. This may sound harsh, but these 
are German cars - they do not take kindly to pussy footing. They like lots of 
revs & a heavy foot. I set pump at 1.1mm advance & fuel screw so that throttle 
response off idle is crisp. Full throttle up a  hill may show a little smoke 
out of pipe. I get 49 mpg on open road & no oil consumption. MARVEL MYSTERY OIL 
in every tank of fuel - six ounces per. 
I share with you what has taken me a lifetime to learn. I have built hundreds 
of motors under all conditions - from fully equipped machine shops to 
abandonded garages with a Coleman lantern. I have had no failures using these 
methods. I wish you luck.

Cheap Bob in NY


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