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Thu Feb 24 11:02:31 EST 2005

You didn't mention head work, main bearings and i guess you let the rings do all the cyl sealing.
Did i understand you to say that you don't remove the ridge. Have you seen what long termuse of veggie oil does to these motors.


Plane head if gas cut or pounded, but as little as possible. Some say VW heads can't be planed (due to swirl chambers),
but I have had it done by experienced machinist. Valve seats I cut with NEW WAY CUTTER - three angle. Valves must be ground on machine. Lap to seat. If seat, valves and guides are servicable as is, just lap & replace guide seals.
Main & rod bearings - polish journals with 600 emery paper, then 1200 to remove any grooves. Clean thoroughly to remove grit. Moly grease on assembly. I have never had to replace auxilliary shaft bearings, so I can't help you there.
I've never seen VW motor with cylinder ridge so bad that it needed a ridge reamer. I've used a flat stone hone to open ridge up to bore size, then ball hone. Make sure there is no sharp edge to catch finger nail. Compression ratio is twenty three to one; rings do all the sealing.
As for veggie oil - I have no knowledge; I've read that it jells at 40F degrees. Maybe a percentage mixed with dino diesel would work; more veggie in summer. Seems like a good thing though, for a lot of reasons.
You are getting several motors to play with - you are in for some great fun. I wish you good luck.

Bob in NY

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