[Vwdiesel] Fw: Local News - Diesel exhaust's dangers high here (fwd)

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Feb 24 11:28:02 EST 2005

  Gee, a LOT of unsubstantiated claims in that article.  NO comparrisons 
because the article wouldn't stand.  They list the number of vehicles that 
are diesel but not gas nor percentage of overall.  I'd like to see ANY proof 
or even promissing studies that link diesel exhaust conclusively to cancer. 
Even though everyone knows that smoking CONTRIBUTES heavily to 
cancers, it's still hard to PROVE it does since there are many people 
who smoke that don't get it and others that have never really been 
around it that do. Diesel exhaust is going to be hundreds of times if 
not thousands of times more difficult to prove?
  They state that diesel exhaust "triggers" asthma.  I believe that but 
that meas triggers an attack not the onset.  They point out how easily 
a particle trap can be added.  They don't say that it would have to be 
emptied several times a day from what I understand.
  I remember Jake found an article from London I believe.  The local 
city or transit mechanics, who started the diesel trucks/busses every 
day indoors, demonstrated BETTER overall health than the general 
population. It was by a small margin but the silicone settlements were 
based on much less than that!
  Jake's graduating "persuasive speech" was an arugument in favor of 
diesels and pointing out such misconceptions as the dangers of the 
exhaust were put into proper perspective. 
  Do a quick search on PM - 10 partuclate matter.  A VERY small 
percentage was from diesels.  About 3/4 of it is silica based.... dust.
ALL vehicles contribute fairly heavily to that.  Diesel's tires don't stir 
up more dust than gasser's.  They'll probably try to imply that next!

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