[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 146 --- ( we DO learn ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Feb 24 13:55:18 EST 2005


I do not (me Hagar)  know who on this list is at the bottom -- economically
but be assured I will do whatever to help you. -----If you read this  --you are obviously not
a giver upper.  You are still fighting.

I grew up on Amager Denmark  (small Island by Copenhagen  for the duration of the War # 2.)

So I was up to my ass in German diesels  --Aircraft  ---trucks --tanks ---submarines and Torbedo Boats.

Did it look hopeless at that time ?  ----sure did .   --  but give up ?   not for one lousy minute.

Is diesels a problem as this article say ?  -----I say the person who wrote it has
a very limited knowledge of diesels and Astma.
First of all it is NOT diesel soot  ---it is PETROLEUM soot.   Astma is more likely connected to the total  chemical soup we all live in.   Soot and particles ?   take a look at a concorde on take off.
Or any big American bomber  ----or fighter. The Jet engine is the BIG problem. IMHO.

Add coal fired power plants.   -------------   and those millions of gasoline cars are no problem ?
Those  off gassing of carpets and foam insulation in houses?  
The diesel is NOW the villain ?.
We are ALL responsible ----for having to lie in a bed of chemical soup.     I am responsible for
not speaking up many years ago  . Yes I knew --- but I acted out of self interest.  ---
allso known as a PAYCHECK and a PENSION.

I like Val Christians thread ----it is thought provoking. ---And WE do think.

Running Bunny Bondo   super lean    (like the VW ECO)  results in very very little soot.
Little soot in Oil ?   means little soot out the exhaust.  NO ECO is not my motive ---
experimenting is.   But to get a handle on HOW things go wrong ?   lets look at LEAD in
gasoline and Mercury at the Dentist. ----------HOW many tons of lead compounds was spread
coast to coast in the USA from Cars and Airliners ?  ---should make us ALL  think.
So we do not make the same mistake again.

First thing to do is get the OIL giants to increase cetane number and remove sulfur.
If they refuse ? we make a LAW --do it or you are OUT.

Voluntary regulations ?  ---is a MYTH ----it does not work.     Never did never will.

If reduction of particles work ? --in a voluntary manner ?  --it is because it does not hurt
bottom line.    Lead paint ?    Mercury on grainfields WHEAT  in Canada ok ? ----I say NO WAY.

How did the Germans reduce particle emissions ?  ----They said if Hagar can reduce soot
by his redicoulous Hillbilly Tuning ?    WE can do better --lets use a computer  ---and they
did ---NOW  those greedy swines in USA  start selling a chip to get performance ---
with NO regards to  kids and Astma.  I say confiscate any  TDI VW in USA that use a chipping
system.  ---that will end that bullshit.  IMHO   any VW diesel  TDI  from Germany run on proper fuel
is a fine performing vehicle.------Remember this is a NON TDI room.


Lets face it   to get one person to the Salt Mine and back ?   every day of the week ?
if you use less gallons of petroleum ?   is that BAD or GOOD ?      

Rambling I guess  ---but I am kind of passionate about Rabbits  ---and Beetles.

And I did more time in 109 Landrovers ?    go figure.     

MY dream ?     go across wonderful America and Canada in a Rabbit diesel. ---
a sentimental jouyrney sort of ?. Yes I did it before in 1954.------sure is some BIG hunk
of real estate.  ---compared to scanderhoovia. WOW.

I  got hitched to a woman with Astma ---Louanne from Seattle WA.   and it had NOTHING to do with diesels.  ---I could NOT start the mower ----the old books of mine made her sick  ----
I say if one in your household has Astma ?  ---give them lots of LOVE:
And little redicule.


PS:  No Astma ?    like me ?    consider yourself blessed. ----ah make that NO redicule.

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