[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 146 ----( Let FREEDOM ring )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Feb 25 13:51:04 EST 2005

Freedom ?   -----    very important issue.  -----This coming may 5   the churhbells
started ringing  about  2 o'clock in the afternoon 1945 ----is that not 60 years ?  WOW 
and I am still here.    I would give a lot to see the facial expression on the persons
pulling those ropes.------NEVER is the history of Denmark was a set of blisters on the hands
----more respected and admired.---did they pull them strings or what ?

I was the soccer Kaptain  and I scored the last goal of the WAR # 2  . at Korsvejen Skole 
I kicked the daylight out of that ball ----then I noticed NO GOALIE.      Then I heard the BELLS.

But on with this tale -----in 1962  I lived and worked in Sandy Cameron land.   OTTAWA Ont.

Shit I had to sell my J3 -Paper Cup (CF-LHD) and my MG  ---to go west and see the mountains of BC.

Got a trailer (VW  spindles and wheels)  hooked up to my Landrover 1960  ----109  --
gasser.     Before leaving town I went to the city Hall to tell them that I was leaving.
(In Denmark that was compuslsory)  ---- first I talk to the  woman "Information"  on the lower floor.

I said I am leaving Ottawa who ? do I tell ? ---- She was obviously retarded --so I said let me talk to your supervisor. ----she said OK   floor 5  room so and so.
The guy looked at me and said  ----JUST GO .    ---So I said how does people know how to find me ?

He said ---LET THEM WORRY  about that.-----------I literally ran down to the Landrover and headed
WEST. -------------and here I am looking at the Pacific WOW.

Wish I could have said hello to James Hansen going by there.   Sandy Camerons buddy
lives just a little north of me.---  he has a pretty fancy GARAGE ? -----workshop ?.

My place is a dump compared.  ------but I am happy here.       By the way  if you see the Aviator ?
 our Doug Ferguson has direct connection to the the "Spruce Goose" -----I was airborne 
in that humdinger.------that is what makes me a MASTER bullshitter.(the statement).

# 1 ?  ---Physics    " 2 ?   History   and so on.

This year will be 99%  history  I can tell.   -------- 21 march  I saw a Mustang and a Moskito
up close ---and I do mean CLOSE.-----------a bombing raid gone wrong very WRONG.

NO DANE ever complained that I remember.  ------IT was an accident 100 %.     They
killed about 100 Kids and some teachers ----   by hitting the wrong target,.    They
did get the main target just the same  "Shell Oil building"  Copenhagen.
The GESTAPO  headquarters.   About 42 plane raid. ----LOW level to get under the radars.
I got caught in the fire  from all the guns at the Airport and the planes. I was out in the
open.   The sirens only sounded forwarning  not take shelter.
And today ? I drive a VW diesel Rabbit ?    go figure.


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