[Vwdiesel] Low sulfer fuel

Justin and Chelly Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Fri Feb 25 14:42:02 EST 2005

Correct me if I am wrong.  But as I understand things our old diesels 
require the higher sulfer content to keep the pump and injector 
mechanisims operating correctly. If this is true, does this mean we will 
be required to keep dosing them no matter what.  Kind of like the old 
hot rods with engines that require leaded fuel.  And yes unleaded fuel 
can ruin an engine designed for leaded fuel.  Personal experience 
maintaining a P&W 985.  Used to run car gas, when leaded fuel disappeard 
the operator ruined 4 cylinders because the exhaust valve seat would 
hammer into the head.  He started blending car gas and 100 LL av gas and 
the valve problems went away.

>I can't wait to see the price of diesel once the low sulfer fuel is 
>mandatory!  The price should increase dramatically.

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