[Vwdiesel] Local price of diesel- Good friggin' grief!

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Feb 25 18:19:53 EST 2005

Loren say after me  ----Thank you Lord Thank you Lord thank you Lord.

2.5 cents pr Kwh.  Electric ?   and less than 5 dollars per gallon for diesel ?   ---
you are living in  the GOOD times.

I am a bit of a rebel  ---in that I say Bicycle path ----fuel allocation (rationing)    and BIG BROTHER
oversight.   -------- totally opposite FREEDOM ?   EH. ?

Yes the world is a very contradictory place. ----Regulations  --No regulations --Religion ?
and NO religion ?   Medicare ?   or NO medicare ?------ well it comes with the
territory of being a human BEAN.   -----------and frankly I like challenges.   ----so am 
I complaining ?   ---not at all -----I find it ALL exciting -----look at the Solar Plane and panels
and the Windmills and the nuke powerplants and on and on  -----we CAN do it.

AND WE WILL DO IT:   ----read my lips.  And lets be part of the answer NOT part of the problem.

A lot of you drive on French   sorry Freedom fryes oil  --so you are automaticly part of the solutions.

I burn so little oil that ----cost is NO problem. ----BUT if I had to commute ?   ---like they
do in California ?   ----  Electric and a Small diesel  --Rabbit  ?    piece of apple pie.

First I would look for a cheap EV-1.   and install a small diesel. Yes some of the batteries have to go.

I have the complete manual for a Chrysler  turbine car     and a small manual for the EV-1.
The turbine car would run on fryer grease. ---you guys should see the diameter of the tailpipe ---LOL.
Like the Batmobile.---------I blew it ---shit I had a chance to drive that Car.   ah well.

At least I drove a  Ford T.

After seing the manual for the T ? NO wonder Hitler  got in to making a Volks Wagen.

Nothing but NOTHING made more of an impression on the world (as a car) than the model  T.
1900 to about 1938  ?.

Incredible design.  IMHO.   ----- but now ? give me a Rabbit diesel any time.

Yes I would take the "Golden Rod"   ----model T first  ---wonder where it is now. and trade it 
for anything. ----sure glad I took a Video of the thing.


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