[Vwdiesel] Re: Old rabbit wanted.

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Fri Feb 25 23:06:06 EST 2005


You're the man!  However, unless I was in the ozone, I don't 
think I posted looking for a project car.  I forget who did,
but I remember a post about 10 days ago.

I have one project car at the moment, and four in the driveway.
My insurance company says I don't qualify for fleet rates, and
it's killing me.

I have thought about looking for a turbo for my 1.6 NA, which I'll
be redoing the cyl head on in a couple of weeks.  I decided to not
really look, because I wasn't sure that I had the time to get 
all the new parts and pieces (incl inj pump) lined up.

Perhaps there's someone else drooling over this gem.

Oh, I'm located near Rochester NY, which is east of the Buffalo
and Niagara Falls area.  We have a couple of VW Dieselers in the area.


> Val,
> Where are you located?  I have a '77 2 door that would make a good 
> canidate to build into a GTI-D.  The body only has one rust thru that I 
> have found and it is the drivers side rear fender rear corner.  The 
> floor boards are rusty but not rusted thru.  Was going to it up as a 
> gasser for my sister, but she fell under the spell of a '93 Ford 
> Exploder.  Price?  Same I paid for it "free".  Even have a factory crank 
> back sunroof  out of an '80 2door to go with it.  Cut the roof of the 
> '80 off at the window posts so everything is there.
> Justin

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