[Vwdiesel] Headgasket--Solvents

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Feb 26 02:27:43 EST 2005

Use whatever you can find, and clean it well.
I actually CAREFULLY, shaved the head with a single edge razor blade in one
of those blade holders used to de-paint window glass. To get some of the
nasty gasket crap off.

That's the best way to ensure a nice bump free sealing surface.  Some scotch
brite prepares the surface nicely too, then wipe with a paper towel soaked
in thinner or carb cleaner at the last, after blowing or sucking the bolt
holes out, wiping the bores down and lightly oiling them.  you want it
really clean for the best seal.  I prefer holding a rag piled up over the
bolt holes to catch the cooties, and blowing them out with a compressed air
gun after letting either electronics cleaner or carb cleaner sit in them for
a while... after chasing the threads.  Then lightly  oil the studs as per
instructions, and install.  Plain old varsol is fine if you let it dry

BE SURE to vacuum the bolt holes after cleaning to remove crud and solvent
that fell in.
I Highly recommend 2 or 3 rinses of the bolt holes with solvent,  and
chasing the threads with an old bolt with a slot cut down the side like a

I had crud in the bottom of a couple of the holes in mine that I had to
scrape loose with a screwdriver. Then more rinsing with solvent till clear.

As my wife the nurse would say, "enema until clear"  :^)


Much too much information...


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