[Vwdiesel] DIESEL RABBIT SIGHTINGS (was rabbit droppings #145) (fwd)

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Sat Feb 26 19:00:38 EST 2005

Let's see, I was in French Lick, IN last summer.  It was a 98 degree day, 
and I had just hit two other airports in search of fuel.  My tanks were
running low, but the last airport I stopped at was nice enough to 
phone ahead.  They had JET-A, but not a ladder tall enough to service 
my Caravan.  When I got to French lick, there was a C172 departing, which
I was told was State Police, hunting down druggies and smugglers.

At the airport there was this capricous 4 year old girl on a tricycle.
I got nervous the way she tooled around under the airplane.  Everyone 
was nice, and there was a Mercedes parked under a basketball hoop.
Why would anyone park a car under a basketball hoop?  My kids told me
that it must have been Larry Bird's parking spot.  (They have little
tolerance for my travel stories.  Ask them how many supermodels I've 
talked stocks with...)

French Lick couldn't have much air traffic, as the grass and weeds were
about 18 inches above the pavement cracks.  It was hot and stick that
day, and the convective activity was all around.  The woods looked
like they were made for rattle snakes.

A Miami Blue '78.  I owned a '77, '78 and '79 Miami Blue.  I also had
'78 Yellow.  A '79 Grey, and an '84 Metalic Blue.  The '84 wasn't the
candy colors of the late 70's.  

I can see a trip coming.  VWs in Montana, then swing through Topeka
for the BBQ beside the shady tree VWers.  Off to Indiana, and then
back to NY.  I need a Caddy with an extended bed, so that I could fit
two Bunnies on the back.

It's snowing again today.  In WNY we're at about 100 inches of snow, 
which is our annual average.  And we're far from done for the year.
March is usually good for 24-36".  I'll think about the opressive 
heat of French Lick, and the possibility of BBQ in Topeka...


> >They were a fun car, and it was a fun time.  In my youth, I found Miami Blue
> >and attractive color.  We'll stop there...
> >
> >Val
> >
> >  
> >
> I do have a Miami blue '78 Wolfsburg stored in a barn I'd like to pass 
> on to someone.  Granted, there are some rust issues, the engine used a 
> quart every 350 miles when it was last started in 1994, and the interior 
> has a distinct mouse odor, but if you ever want to make the drive down 
> from NY to the rolling hills and trailer parks of Southern Indiana....  
> My dad used to pick up my sister from school in that car, much to her 
> eternal shame.  Miami blue and a teenage girl don't seem to mix :)
> -Shalyn

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