[Vwdiesel] G60 Valve Cover

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 21:04:41 EST 2005

Hello all once again-

I am just finishing up my HG project tonight.  I'm
gonna go down and re-attach the exhaust here in a
moment, but I've got a question.

I wanted to install my G60 valve cover that I've had
laying around, so I ordered a kit with the rubber
gasket, along with the new studs without the "neck" on

The problem is that with the new VC, the plastic air
intake piece that holds the filter in won't fit.  And,
with the new studs in there, it doesn't look like the
thinner steel VC will be pushed far enough down to
seal properly.

Martin, didn't you replace your VC with a G60 unit? 
How did you fit the air cleaner?


David Cook
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