[Vwdiesel] ECO Runaway!!

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Sun Feb 27 02:44:37 EST 2005

You are fortunate that you can control it once it starts!

My first thought is that the rings may be sticky. Little old lady and
all. You may try to run an oil change with CD-2 Sticky ring stuff. A
synthetic would help here as well, but may take many thousand miles to
see any change.

Does this car has the oil baffle under the VC; The plastic tray that
sits on top of the valve train?

Have you ran with the oil cap off in the driveway and revved the
engine... noticed blowby? On my former Quantum TD, there would be puffs
out at idle but turned into almost a sucking at higher revs. 

Also, the black canister do-hickee on top of the VC is supposed to shut
in the event of a large flow of blowby. There is no real way to test
this device. You can get another at a local junkyard for next to


On Sun, 2005-02-27 at 01:28 -0500, HWY9FERGS at cs.com wrote:
> Well, I haven't piped up for a while, but it's time.  A few weeks back I 
> managed to buy a 91 ECO Turbo Jetta from a little old lady.  It's in decently good 
> shape with 125000 miles on it. Not bad for 1500 bucks.  I did have to do a 
> head gasket on it (oil in the coolant) and replace the AC compressor(it was so 
> loose it started to break up and almost fell off the engine).  Someone who 
> didn't know what the hell they were doing was working on this poor thing. 
> Note--when doing belts or even just belt tightening, REMEMBER TO TIGHTEN UP ALL THE 
> BOLTS!!.  Anyway, it's mostly all better now.  One really nice thing is the hone 
> marks were still showing in the cylinders.  However, after finishing and 
> while driving it, I decided to put my foot in it a bit and "blow it out" some.  I 
> was coming up on probably about 4000 rpm and all of a sudden it was like I put 
> on the cruise control (it isn't so equipped by the way) and with a pretty 
> horrendous clatter and an unfrickingbelievable cloud of bluegrey smoke behind me 
> it was---whoa Nellie!!!!! Brakes Brakes Brakes and it finally settled down and 
> I'm wondering if the damn engine is blown.  But wait, this is fine German 
> engineering, squirters and all!  No problem, she's idling and running fine.  So I 
> figure what the hell. Let's try it again.  Maybe it was just some oil in the 
> intake and that it's all used up (by the way, I never did de-mate the 
> manifolds during the head gasket R&R). Well, no such luck.  It took a little more RPM 
> the next time but sure enough, it started running away again.  And one time 
> after that, it did it again, only it was right in the middle of a shift from 3rd 
> to 4th, so I had a major PITA time of it getting it to crunch into gear to 
> keep it from over revving. Fortunately the tranny seemed to tolerate the abuse 
> and I decided to "not push it" any more and parked the poor beast.  Here's my 
> query for the list.  Where the heck do you think all that oil was coming from?  
> I could probably just keep my foot out of it and not have that happening but 
> from time to time I might want to get on it (to pass or whatever) and I sure 
> as hell don't want that to be able to happen.  I suspect the KKK turbo might be 
> the source (seals?).  My 85 Jetta TD with the Garrett has never done this. I 
> seriously doubt the engine has enough blowby to be doing it.  Any experience 
> with this sort of thing out there?  Kind of unsettling to have that kind of 
> thing just waiting to happen.  And I have a nice freshly rebuilt Garrett I could 
> put on there if I really have to.  Whatta ya think??? All input will be much 
> appreciated.  Doug Ferguson 
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