[Vwdiesel] ECO Runaway!!

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Sun Feb 27 08:56:12 EST 2005

At 01:28 AM 2/27/05 EST, you wrote:
 However, after finishing and 
>while driving it, I decided to put my foot in it a bit and "blow it out"
some.  I 
>was coming up on probably about 4000 rpm and all of a sudden it was like I put 
>on the cruise control (it isn't so equipped by the way) and with a pretty 
>horrendous clatter and an unfrickingbelievable cloud of bluegrey smoke
behind me 
>it was---whoa Nellie!!!!! Brakes Brakes Brakes and it finally settled down and 
>I'm wondering if the damn engine is blown. 

Hey! lots of fun! Watch those tailgaters drop away!

Hagar let one run wide open, and it never blew up.

I had several incidents with the first engine in my 87TD (goldie)
She had a defective piston that allowed severe blowby.

Your problem is , first, check for blowby by opening the oil filler cap, and
reving a little by hand.
It should not launch the cap into space. If it does, since it is a little
old lady car, the rings are likely stuck. Run synth in it for a few months
and drive moderately. Also add a 3 qt jug of canola oi (pasta section of
grocery store.) to each tank of fuel. Makes it smell nice.

If blowby does not seem too bad (no oil pushing up the dipstick), check the
valve cover breather. If it has the doorknob gadjet on the top of the VC,
take it off and rinse it out well with solvent. Did you replace the plastic
windage cover inside the VC over top of cam shaft  when you closed it up??
No cover inside the VC? get one. Junk yard, dealer, ask here., etc.

Temporary solution. Route the breather hose into a gallon jug to catch the
oil, and route another hose from the jug to the air induction. Inspect the
jug from time to time to see how much oil is appearing. Do this in company
with the synth oil experiment above, to unstick the rings.


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