[Vwdiesel] Ring Break-In and Oil Consumption

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Mon Feb 28 03:35:41 EST 2005

As you guys may remember, last summer, after lots of fussing around
and help from this list, I completed installing my rebuilt 1.6 liter
NA engine into my Rabbit.

The outfit that did the rebuild wanted me to use regular lube oil for
the break in.  I followed this recommendation rather then to use a
non-detergent oil that does not contain friction reducers.

The engine got very good mileage when I drove it up to Hagar's place
in BC.   Now it has 5000 miles on it.  By checking the oil level with
the dipstick, I estimate that the engine is using roughly one quart of
oil per 1000 miles, which is not much better then it was at zero
miles.  This causes me to think that I have a serious problem with the
rings not seating.  This is my first 'new' engine that required
breaking in, so I am relatively ignorant and there is lots of stuff
that I don't understand about the break-in process.

So, what I can expect to happen over time?  Will the oil consumption
slowly improve as the rings wear, or will it never get much better?

What are the consequences of having high oil consumption?  Will this
mean more deposits in the cylinders or more crap getting past the
rings and effecting the proper operation of the rings?

What can a guy do short of honing the cylinders and starting over?  Is
there any point now in running non-detergent oil?

Lots of questions.

 - Gavrik Peterson

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