[Vwdiesel] ECO runaway/blowby

Shirley, Mark R MarkRShirley at eaton.com
Mon Feb 28 08:49:05 EST 2005

Internal pump pressure goes down, allowing the fuel ring to move and
add a bunch of (non-existant) fuel.  When it gets another slug of fuel, 
the springs can't dial it back fast enough, and the engine races for
a second.  It's a governor issue.  Just don't run it out of fuel.

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> My 7.3L diesel does the exact same thing.  The tank gets low 
> and then it sucks a slug of air up the fuel line.  If its in 
> neutral when the air hits the pump, the engine revs up in a 
> raggedy way.  If its in gear, its hardly noticeable.  I 
> always thought it was strange that a diesel engine (diesels 
> are fuel limited) would rev up when it wasn't getting fuel.  
> It must be allowing the timing to advance or something...
> I've never noticed this behavior on a VW/Audi/Volvo diesel w/ 
> a bosch pump.  Anybody else?
> On 2/28/2005, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> << In top gear he can be
> cruising at 50mph when the car will suddenly lurch forward
> and race towards the car infront.>
> < This is basically what Dad's 5.7 GM diesel pickup would do when it 
> ran out of fuel.  Mabe there's an air leak and it's doing something 
> simliar??  Dad's was from getting a gulp of air but not sure why it 
> would take off.  Could be timing but it seems more likely that it 
> was lower pressure in the pump which increases the fueling.>>
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