[Vwdiesel] runaway/blowby

SLATERSFB at aol.com SLATERSFB at aol.com
Mon Feb 28 09:42:49 EST 2005

Internal pump pressure goes down, allowing the fuel ring to move and
add a bunch of (non-existant) fuel.  When it gets another slug of fuel,
the springs can't dial it back fast enough, and the engine races for
a second.  It's a governor issue.  Just don't run it out of fuel.


OK, I just had one of these pumps completely apart & as far as I can tell, the governor is there only to limit top speed & doesn't come into play at all til then. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, at idle, the fuel ring is at rest. Lowering internal pressure would have no effect on it. My experience with air leaks in VW diesels is that they just stutter & quit. Dead miss sometimes. I've nevr experienced any racing or runaway symptoms. GM pumps may be different; not sure.

Bob in NY

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