[Vwdiesel] Rabbit towing trucks. Old air in tyres...

Dan Sloan dsloan at DRAKE.EDU
Wed Jan 12 14:26:45 EST 2005

> Has anyone ever designed a towing system where the tower 
> [towwer?] could link into the hydraulics of the towed and so 
> use the brakes of the towee No? Then I feel an invention coming on :o)

I would think that bleeding the system might be a hassle...and failsafes
would have to be added in case of break-aways. (just picture spraying your
brake fluid all over the road after the break...) 

The big RV folks use air actuated brake systems (like the semis), and can
connect into the hydraulic systems of their towed vehicles through third
party systems.  I know that there were/are some systems that work on
inertia... I haven't seen a hydraulic to hydraulic system though.

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