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mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 15 22:15:05 EST 2005

I really need to get the Jetta back on the road, gas prices are getting to
me. Been three weeks and what a difference it has been having to fill up my
truck every week. To expensive, but I have to admit on those cold mornings
the heated seat are great.  Most of the garage is done, well at least on the
outside. I still have to finish up the wiring. Got most of the 40 outlets
wired, just need to connect to the panel. I found while walking through
Lowe's today this nice little switch in the ceiling fan section. It has the
controls for the light, which is just an on off switch, and an on slide
control for the fan all in one. So I got a 250' coil of 14/3 with ground and
I'm ready to wire the lights up. These switches I got sound about the same
as the Leviton ones. Don't have them hear with me to double check. They had
a nice selection for ceiling fans. Bad thing is I have to work tomorrow and
Monday so those free days that I would normally get are gone. So my work on
the Jetta will have to wait that much longer.

    Just tripped over an info sheet from one of our ceiling fans re
the question about ganging multiple fans.  The speed/ dimmer rheostat
units are Leviton cat. # 6617, so it may not apply to other units.
Also, it's at least 20 years old, so the info may not hold for modern
units.  The wiring diagram shows only the diagram for one
installation, wired for fan and light, each having a separate
    On the back of the sheet is a derating chart for multi-fan
controls, noting "Any number of fans may be used rovided the amperage
rating of each motor speed control is not exceeded."
    Ganging and derating instructions note that "when ganging this
combination motor speed and dimmer device with other dimmers or other
motor speed controls, derating is required as indicated below:
    Single device motor control rating is 2.5 amps, dimmer rating is
    2-ganged, motor control rating is 1.7 amps, dimmer rating is 200
    3 or more ganged, motor control rating is 1.5 amps, dimmer rating
is 180W."
    Sorry if my dazed and confused self sent this to the wrong group.
    Scott Kair

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