[Vwdiesel] Cold starting with bad compression ---( Plus corrections ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jan 20 15:37:26 EST 2005

Filter should be changed with each oil change.  Stick with the OEM quality
filters (Bosch, Mann, Mahle) and avoid the junk (Fram etc.).  There have
also been discussion threads regarding bypass filters and Hagar's famous
Hillbilly Blotter Testing resulting in REALLY long oil change periods, but
I'm not gonna open this one again <snicker> but he just did!!! </snicker>.
Gerry Wolfe

I Hagar say   I never   did   .        

I and Val Christian   have done a lot to pass a HELL OF A LOT OF EXPERIENCE   to people like you.

FREE of charge.      Remember this is becomming part of Archives    ---and I want to make sure
newbies get the correct version of     The Blottertest    and Val Christians and my version of
Management of lubrication of Old Rabbits.     My last entry about blotter was   to inform you
guys that soot loading decreased     ---   so much that I had trouble adjust to it. I am running
a 1984  1.6L  Turbo Rabbit  ----in super lean .   Why is that important ?  Let me qoute  ESSO .
Q :   Soot in your lube is like sandpaper in suspension.    end of  Q.

All of you who are not  familiar with blotter testing  ----Read it before critisising.

Never did it recommend long oilchange periods.   CONTRARY .   The main reason
for test was to catch problems in your engine  early---not to test oil.


PS : If you consider    ESSO and    MobilExxon     Hillbillies   you are right  it is a hillbilly
test -----that is where I got it.    ---Is that Heat in Nanaimo getting you ?

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