[Vwdiesel] oil, oil, oil, beat it to death

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Thu Jan 20 16:03:36 EST 2005

Probably the most unconventional thing I've said about oil, is that
if you change more frequently, you can get by with "cheapo" oil, like
the major house brands, and the low end Shell and Mobil brands.  Yes,
even the spark ignition formulations.  

This can be your friend in cold WX situations.  You can change the oil
weekly, if you want, keeping it clean and flowing.  And you can do so
with $0.88/qt oil, instead of $3.00/qt oil.

But if you want to, or need to run maximum change intervals, and 
you want your engine to last, then I'd run compression ignition oil.

Hagar just reminded me that I want to try changing the timing on my 
TDI and see if I can cut soot production.  Perhaps in a couple of weeks.
These days, I only have time to sleep (a little), work, and plow 
the driveway.


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