[Vwdiesel] when is it cold enough to use anti-gel diesel additive?

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Fri Jan 28 12:07:51 EST 2005

I had -16 this morning in N.W. PA.  When the sh-t hits the fan in those 
temps. it dents the fan blades.
  I have a buddy that is a flyer. He told me to take a couple sections of 
6" flu pipe with an elbow and direct my kerosene torpedo heater into the 
pipe and slide the other end with the elbow under the car pointing it up. 
It is how he preheats his supercub.  I'm going to try it. May have to 
trailer my torpedo heater and generator so I can start my car anywhere. I 
have not driven my Jetta for a couple weeks. Exactly as Val said. Starts ok 
at 20 f with some cranking. Not at all much below that, and runs like a 
champ at 40.  My compression is 260 to 300.


>Thanks, I was 5 this morning and I did not get to put
>my block core heater in before the sh-t hit the fan
>here in NJ.  So, a 60 watt light bulb under the hood
>all night did help, but I am still afraid of gel.
>Thanks, Bryan
>Bryan Belman, Pt Pleasant, NJ
>04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD, 100hp, 5sp
>Restoring 82 Diesel Weekender from my old rusty 82 Westy 1.9NA
>90 Audi 200, 2.2L Turbo FWD
>70 Type 1 stock Beetle
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