[Vwdiesel] fuel consumption during idle?CCCcccold here !

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jan 28 16:32:48 EST 2005

Perhaps Hagar has data from his test set.  But the bottom line is that 
you can run for  a couple of days on a tank.


Hagar did measure just bout everything that could be measured.    BUT  my advice is to 
get it to start.   Fuel prices what they are.

Have you got access to Falcon pipettes ?  and ether ?  ---------- On an old girl like that
move pump two pencil lines  ----advancing pump does wonders to starting cold.
Retard again when it warms up out there. And get four plugs  working.      How old is the battery ?.

A remote starter is one way to do it.    --------   Guys like James Hansen , Sandy Cameron , Val Christian 
and Hagar would have that thing start at 30 below. . Like likkety split.

BUT  it is a PITA situation.  ----look around for a place to plug it in. ---- Power ?      400 watt for ten
hours ?    4 kwh   ? Right ?   that is only   0.06190 X 4     =    $    0.2476 (here)    a quarter ?  canadian ---shit I would pay them a Dollar US for a plug in.


PS :   go  0 W 30 . and put a good ground on the starter.   "Nutmeg "   remember ?

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