[Vwdiesel] Metrics for beginners ---- ( The Mixups and disasters )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jul 1 00:38:04 EDT 2005

Loren  ask NASA   how many millions and millions of your tax dollars they
lost due directly to a Metric mix-up ?
Look up the Gimli glider   ---a Boeing 757 (?) landing at Gimli with a total flameout
due to a Metric problem --and a Captains STUPID decision to fly without a Honeywell monitor system.
A total flameout means APU as well as the two engines..  That means NO Hydraylics for
power steering brakes and flaps.

As luck had it---- it was daylight and the James Hansen type racing team was on the

The Co-Pilot had been trained at Gimli ----that saved the Captains ass. Not to say the 
The racing team cleared the runway ---and all worked out. In the Accidents reports
from ICAO the metric mix-up killed people are legion. --------- I do NOT need a calculator
to figure out fuel load in metrics-----but IMP ?     ----crazy.  A liter is 1 Kg Water
a liter Fuel is 0.8 Kg----now why would I need a calculator ? -----1000 liter fuel ?   ---
simple    800 Kg. -----    

Most of my American friends could not tell me how many OZ in a Gallon. or Pints or anything.
and get it right. Take the case of twist-drills ------nuff said. .-------When I went to school
in the Limy land ?    ---and I traveled on those gorgeous double Decker buses ?
I never learned if I got right change. Crazy damned system --EH ?   ---a Pound a quid
a ---ah what the hell they were really honest in those days. And the Bobbies ---were 
the charmers of the world. And Fish and Chips were the best in the world. -----believe me.

I looked hard --BUT I never found out why the Fish and Chips in London  was the best ?

ALWAYS wrapped in old news.

Ah jah they had a coin called a BOB ? -----       a BOB ?

If you guys get the idea that Hagar lived a charmed life ?  ---well He thinks so.

Sure was a LOT of FUN. ------ And I hope for you  young whippersnappers  that you are
as lucky.

If I am asked how many liters in a Cubic meter of fuel  ?    no problemo------but
try   A cubic Yard and pints ?   ----EH ? or OZ  ?     try it . it is never an even number.

It does take some getting used to ? EH?   --the Yard crew   becoming the meter crew ?

And hows about a foot in the door ----NO ? ah ok.


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