[Vwdiesel] new SS dual exhaust for my Jetta TD

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I went the pipe size that I did because I had the material in stock as well
as the 308-16 stick welding rod.  A couple of years ago I spied a pool
ladder at the landfill site and grabbed it because of the nice stainless
steel pipe with nicely formed bends.  I used up every bend in this job.  I
also got some nice stainless straight pipe at the dump on another occasion
that was in six and seven foot lengths.  It precisely telescoped over the
pool ladder size with a tight fit.

I would have gone with a single 2-1/2" system if I'd been buying materials.
There isn't quite enough room to get a 3" pipe over the rear axle IMO.

I have a leak, a rust hole almost the size of a dime in the cast manifold
pipe in the top portion of the toilet bowl flange coupling.  It blows hot
exhaust at the firewall and makes a s-w-e-e-t turbocharger whine and twitter
sound.  No way I can weld it in place and there is so much rust on the bolts
holding it on the turbocharger I don't really want to touch it.  I am
thinking I may be able to put some dry braided flat battery ground cable as
a flexible metallic tightly woven cloth over the hole and compress it over
the hole with a SS hose clamp.

I had an idea of miking the engine diesel rattle and turbocharger whine into
a speaker under the engine compartment.  It could make the Jetta sound like
a big Mack truck at the flick of a switch.  I have a suitable air horn I
could also install and with a compressor on board one could make that
occasional pressurized air release noise characterisitic of the transport
trucks as well to complete the audible illusion. ;)


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> Sounds like a ton of work for duals.  Why didn't you just go with a
> 3" system? I have read where on individual did that and it fit well.
> I'm in the process of making a custom down pipe off my 91 jetta's KKK k14
> turbo. It will be 2.5" and run into a 2.5" flex pipe and then out the back
> through a stainless steel flowmaster muffler I got off e-bay cheap. I'm
> going to run 2.5" since I can get that pipe easy here. I'm also lucky not
> have to worry about salt here in NC. My toilet bowl connection must have a
> hole somewhere because I get fumes in the car on start up and my shift
> linkage is all black with diesel soot.  It would be cool to see duals on
> Jetta.
> Nick
> I am in the quest for better fuel economy and more power.
> Back pressure and exhaust system rust-out is now a problem in the past
> for my '91 turbo diesel Jetta.  I just spent the past two days beating
> myself up fabricating a trick, cutom fit, over the rear axle, true dual
> 1-7/8" exhaust system.  Both pipes begin at the bigger now than stock hole
> in the spring clamped stainless funnel flange at the engine.  It is two
> independent, parallel 1-7/8" O.D. , 1/16" wall thickness stainless pipe
> all the way to the back where a corvair 2" x 2" turbocharger reverse flow
> muffler will go where the original muffler was on one run and the second
> turbo muffler will be mounted 90 degrees to the direction of the car and
> behind the spare tire well feeding a second exhaust pipe outlet on the
> side of the rear where there was a dress cover hiding a pull point.  All
> bends are weld on, constant cross section pieces.  This exhaust system
> have cost more than the car is worth if I had had a professional shop make
> it.
> No mufflers on it yet (auto parts stores are closed today)but because of
> turbocharger it is quiet enough to drive.  Shame I cannot get a half size
> turbocharger muffler.  I don't need much quieting.  With the turbo
> I expect I will have surely reduced back pressure on the turbocharger to
> just 20% of what it was stock.  There was a resonator muffler in the
> of the exhaust pipe tunnel ahead of the muffler.  It had a through cross
> section of less than 1-1/2".  It is gonzo.
> This was a very horrible job and my poor body needs to heal.  Burns, cuts
> and bruises.  It would be soooo nice to own a hoist!  I went stainless
> because I NEVER want to have to fabricate another custom dual exhaust
> for this car ever!!!!!!  Around here a normal steel exhaust system lasts
> maybe two years with all the salt they put on the roads.
> I should put this exhaust system in my Will. ;)
> Rob
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