[Vwdiesel] new SS dual exhaust for my Jetta TD

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Anyone here with a website for things Volkswagonal that would like to offer to post my jpegs if I take some?

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  Cool. Nice piece of work. Sure would like to see some pics.

  Bob in NY

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I am in the quest for better fuel economy and more power.

Back pressure and exhaust system rust-out is now a problem in the past tense
for my '91 turbo diesel Jetta.  I just spent the past two days beating
myself up fabricating a trick, cutom fit, over the rear axle, true dual
1-7/8" exhaust system.  Both pipes begin at the bigger now than stock hole
in the spring clamped stainless funnel flange at the engine.  It is two
independent, parallel 1-7/8" O.D. , 1/16" wall thickness stainless pipe runs
all the way to the back where a corvair 2" x 2" turbocharger reverse flow
muffler will go where the original muffler was on one run and the second
turbo muffler will be mounted 90 degrees to the direction of the car and
behind the spare tire well feeding a second exhaust pipe outlet on the other
side of the rear where there was a dress cover hiding a pull point.  All
bends are weld on, constant cross section pieces.  This exhaust system would
have cost more than the car is worth if I had had a professional shop make

No mufflers on it yet (auto parts stores are closed today)but because of the
turbocharger it is quiet enough to drive.  Shame I cannot get a half size
turbocharger muffler.  I don't need much quieting.  With the turbo mufflers
I expect I will have surely reduced back pressure on the turbocharger to
just 20% of what it was stock.  There was a resonator muffler in the middle
of the exhaust pipe tunnel ahead of the muffler.  It had a through cross
section of less than 1-1/2".  It is gonzo.

This was a very horrible job and my poor body needs to heal.  Burns, cuts
and bruises.  It would be soooo nice to own a hoist!  I went stainless
because I NEVER want to have to fabricate another custom dual exhaust system
for this car ever!!!!!!  Around here a normal steel exhaust system lasts
maybe two years with all the salt they put on the roads.

I should put this exhaust system in my Will. ;)


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