[Vwdiesel] Oil Filters ---( Hot dam NOT a FRAM ? )

Tony Boucher cdn_borne at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 13 12:55:15 EDT 2005

Hagar says,

I use "Wal-Mart 15W40"   diesel lube   I take it that you are happy with it 

I bought some on the weekend. $29.00 a pail. I will use it next oil change.


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>Thank you guys    sez Hagar.  :       I followed just about every link 
>posted.  .   BUT
>please read Val Christians threads real close.--I did.   Val has operated 
>and or owned VW
>diesels since 1977 continuously.
>Further I am in lockstep with just about everything he ever 
>printed.----Could it be ? that
>the filter I am using Fram 3569 is acceptable ? ---Hard to argue with 
>performance --JAH
>?----and here they performed like crazy dollar for dollar.
>It looks like MANN and MAHLE is out front right now --so ?   I shall try to 
>get some.
>Here are the FACTS :   Bunny Bondos oil is absolutely clean (NO BLACK) on 
>the last blotter
>test. ----yeah it blew my socks off too. 20 year old girl  and LUBE OIL is 
>?????---nothing short of mind-boggling.
>Many a PO diesel produced a "Tobys Ass" on the blotter test ---so we ALL 
>think that black
>is OK ?---now it is not sign of disaster --in general --- But some time 
>back Val Christian
>pointed out that SOOT may be abrasive ? ---he was correct. I contacted ESSO 
>Mobil    and
>they confirmed that indeed it was so. They explained that it had something 
>to do with
>change in the Diesel Fuels sold today.I have it here in print.
>If I can get it down to Loren  he can then hand it out to all at Dieselfest 
>NW at Pacific
>Beach.It has color pictures and all.
>Will I find out why the oil is so clean ? ---sure hope so. Here are some 
>guesses :
>Most important "Hillbilly TUNING"  ---Lorens 2 cycle oil treatment 
>----Hagars ParoWax and
>Aviation oil treatment ---and good fuel. Oil is Wal-Mart 15W40   diesel 
>lube  --Tech 2000
>? I get it in 20 liter buckets.
>Wal-Mart ? ---NO I am not happy to see Wal-Mart in this place --it wiped 
>out a lot of
>small stores. Upsetting our lifestyle.
>Hagar .
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