[Vwdiesel] heavy-duty alternator for on-board genset ??

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jul 14 17:52:07 EDT 2005

Yes I did it for years and years --------- on my Landrover 109     going on Safaris in the
interior of British Columbia.
Motorola 60 amp Alternator ---and a toggle-switch to give it full battery voltage on
Field. 60 Amp     ammeter on dash ---Aircraft Surplus. ----- Iso Spedic governor on
engine ----setting amperage for the load being supplied.
Simple RIGHT ? ----NO not so fast.  -----Alternators will supply 120 Volt DC for lights
and drills and what not ----when separated from battery.
Did I ever ? you bet your sweet ass.-----   SO you can run a Camper from the
Alternator ----pure and simple ----Hagar did it for years.----Charging the NiCads for the
Outboard Electric at IDLE ? yes.
Imagine Hagar leaning back with a fishing rod ----trolling with an Electric Outboard
? ----yes indeed. On a Bensen on Floats on his favorite Lake in BC.(Stave Lake
BC) ----Life was beautiful in them days.-----now ? all is shit.
So Rolf -----read carefully and follow through.----a Eurovan Camper ---Electric supply
? -------------------------Piece of APPLE PIE. ----even with the standard
Alternator.----at IDLE.----OK OK fast Idle.

I will trade places with you any time ----troubles and ALL.


PS : you like Fish ? ---then you like those small Rainbow Trout's in the that little creek
in the mountains ----what a TASTE what a TASTE----this is hole in the ICE stuff.----like
hard little buggers.

In Denmark in 1942  ---Hagar and a twig and string and worm --and his first GIRLFRIEND
and a cold small creek ----Hagar got a Trout   ----asks his girl ---if I bite the head
off ---do I get a KISS ?
Karen Jensen said yes ----Hagar bites --and get a kiss ----WOW and WOW and WOW.and never
mind the scales around my mouth. She will be my LOVE to the day I die.---NO SHIT.
Puppy love in its finest form.-----EVERLASTING.

PS :   Da creek ?   just west of Horsens Denmark ----clean cold water.

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