[Vwdiesel] garrett turbo disassembly complete

Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Sat Jul 16 02:05:17 EDT 2005

After digging around the net, I found the answer to my dis-assembly
problems.  The Hammer.  Turns out once the bolt on the compressor end is
removed (assuming the various other sets of bolts are already removed,
and the exhaust side separated from the center section), the whole thing
is supposed to come apart.  Sure enough, a couple gentle taps on the end
of the shaft (I put the bolt back on to protect the threads), and it
slipped right through.

There is some disagreement among web sources on whether disassembly
means the turbo has been imbalanced, but I'm going to assume that's the
case.  I had to take it apart anyway (although the bearings are all
fine, the exhaust end was full of grit and didn't want to turn), so I'll
get a rebuild kit, reassemble it, and have it balanced.  Apparently
rebalancing is fairly cheap.

Another option is to find a clean center section in the yard, and drop
it in.  Given the amazing diversity of Garret models, and being unable
to find anything explaining what makes them different, that could get

Sure wish there was a way to substitute in a water cooled ball bearing
center section, and pick compressor wheels and turbine A/R ratios to
move the boost down to lower rpms... I don't need top-speed power,
this car is used almost exclusively for city driving.


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