[Vwdiesel] garrett turbo disassembly complete

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 16 09:23:02 EDT 2005

For what it might be worth, it cost me $340 to have my KKK K14 completely
rebuilt. It looked brand new when I got it back. I also am able to hear the
whine out of it now where as before I sent it off it didn't make any sound.



There are few places that sell a "cartridge" which is the center
section, assembled and already balanced. Just install it between the two
housings and off you go. This was a few years ago, but prices for this
was $300-$350.

Seems to be an easier way to go IMHO.


On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 00:04 -0600, Gary Shea wrote:
> After digging around the net, I found the answer to my dis-assembly
> problems.  The Hammer.  Turns out once the bolt on the compressor end is
> removed (assuming the various other sets of bolts are already removed,
> and the exhaust side separated from the center section), the whole thing
> is supposed to come apart.  Sure enough, a couple gentle taps on the end
> of the shaft (I put the bolt back on to protect the threads), and it
> slipped right through.
> There is some disagreement among web sources on whether disassembly
> means the turbo has been imbalanced, but I'm going to assume that's the
> case.  I had to take it apart anyway (although the bearings are all
> fine, the exhaust end was full of grit and didn't want to turn), so I'll
> get a rebuild kit, reassemble it, and have it balanced.  Apparently
> rebalancing is fairly cheap.
> Another option is to find a clean center section in the yard, and drop
> it in.  Given the amazing diversity of Garret models, and being unable
> to find anything explaining what makes them different, that could get
> frustrating.
> Sure wish there was a way to substitute in a water cooled ball bearing
> center section, and pick compressor wheels and turbine A/R ratios to
> move the boost down to lower rpms... I don't need top-speed power,
> this car is used almost exclusively for city driving.
>     Gary
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