[Vwdiesel] Occasional hard starting ...

Derek weasel1 at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 22 01:31:11 EDT 2005

You know what, I did have problems with that this winter and I had to re 
wire it.  I inspected that this evening ( along with the thermostatic 
valve's o-ring )  and it seemed to be ok.  Just to be sure, I polished the 
connector, tightened the spade connector a bit and put some dielectric 
grease on it.  I have the clear lines on it now as well.  I started her up 
and there was bubbles, but nothing I think is excessive.  When the 
thermostatic valve was out I noticed that the fuel filter was full, so 
that's a good sign.  We'll see how long this lasts.  The next time it 
decides to be grumpy, I'll have a lot more to pay attention to ...

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>I say re-wire the fuel stop solenoid.
> Jon
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>>I'll try to reply to everyone at the same time.  Yes I do know the GP's 
>>are working, but I haven't tested them individually.  I have a voltmeter 
>>installed and shows a significant voltage drop when I am glowing.    They 
>>are also relatively new.  Since the hard starting is intermittant, I have 
>>ruled out compression and GP problems.  I'll check out ( aw to hell with 
>>it, I'll just replace the o-ring on that thermostatic valve )  I always 
>>use Power Service products, with every fill-up too.  Fuel filter is recent 
>>( at the same tim as the GP's ) and unfortunately I have no clear line to 
>>check for bubbles or empying line ).  I could always install it again ( I 
>>still have the old line )  Doyt: I'll try your starting method next time 
>>it acts up.  Never replaced the GP relay, so you never know ...
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