[Vwdiesel] smaller (k14-ECOdiesel) vs. larger (is it k24? normal 1.6td)

Libbybapa at wmconnect.com Libbybapa at wmconnect.com
Fri Jul 22 15:41:19 EDT 2005

I thought that some of you might be interested in my thoughts and experiences 
regarding these two turbos on the 1.6TD.  The engine that I put into my 
vangon was originally an ECOdiesel which had the smaller k14.  When I installed it 
into my van I added a Saab 9000 intercooler.  I added the aneroid equipped 
pump and line and ran the van that way for a while.  Then many may recall my 
wierd oil pressure issues (boost up oil=oil pressure down and vice versa).  While 
working on that I dismantled the k14.  While still attempting to solve the oil 
pressure issue I got another complete 1.6TD engine.  It had the larger turbo. 
 I swapped that turbo onto my van (with no effect to the oil pressure 
situation).  With either turbo I would run 11-12psi.  Above 12 the BOV goes off.  
Anyone know of an adjustable BOV that will fit the jetta manifold?

Here is what I have found.  I really need to install my tach so I can talk 
rpms but here goes anyway.  The larger turbo requires higher rpm's and more 
fuel/pedal in order to produce the same amount of boost/power.  The EGT's are also 
HIGHER with the larger turbo.  My only explanation is that more fuel is 
dumped for a given boost pressure and so the ex-gas is hotter.  I have heard from 
others that the smaller k14 will easily produce 15 psi throughout the entire 
rpm range of the 1.6TD.  The biggest performance difference is when accelerating 
up hills.  If shifting at 4,000-4,500 the k14 will still produce max boost in 
the next gear.  The larger turbo will max at 5psi until the rpm's in the next 
gear increase significantly.  

Summing up my conclusions: the smaller k14 turbo is better suited to the 
1.6TD than the larger one.
Max boost at lower rpm's.
Lower EGT's.
Less requirement for mashing the pedal/potentially better fuel economy.


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