[Vwdiesel] Update : Lose of power on Highway problem

Tony Boucher cdn_borne at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 27 16:48:31 EDT 2005


So I replaced all the hose clamps on the fuel feed line. Found that indeed 
the sealing gasket from the fuel tank mouth had fallen in to the tank. (I 
decided to clean the tank a couple of months ago in case crap was being 
picked up from inside the tank) Fished it out and put the fuel gauge sending 
unit/ fuel pickup tube back in CAREFULLY!

Now the same thing happens on the highway, but now it smokes and loses 
power. I will see if taking my foot of the accelerator  and pushing in the 
clutch still stalls the engine.

I noticed when I had the fuel pickup tube out,  there was a mark (ring) on 
the inside of the tank where the white sprung  plastic thingy pushes against 
the tank.

I wonder if the clearance between the end of the puckup tube and the bottom 
of the tank could be restricting fuel flow?

It looks like I will have to run the fuel line into a fuel can in the front 
passenger side to take the tank totally out of the picture again. Gets very 
smelly inside the car. :-(


I have been having a intermittent problem that has raised its ugly head
>again. (Everything  had been fine for awhile , until I had new tires put on 
>at CTC a couple of days ago)
>After being on the highway for about 10 minutes, the Golf starts to lose 
>power. It requires full throttle to do 95 kmh. If I push in the clutch, the 
>motor stalls. (It is NOT smoking alot)I have clear tubing going to the tank 
>to look for bubbles. (None that I can see)
>If I pull over and sit for a couple of minutes. (with the motor off) Of 
>course when I start back up it will cruise at 110Kmh (at half throttle) for 
>maybe a minute or two and then back to full throttle at 90 kmh.
>I've tried putting a gas can of diesel in the front with  clear tubing 
>going to the IP. Same behavior.
>Is there something in the IP that could be causing this?

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> > I'm sure
> >I read somewhere that a surfeit of keys on the car key bunch is not
> >good for the switch....
>A large bunch of keys can cause random horn blowing. If one gets under the
>edge of the steering wheel, it will ground the horn contact ring and blow
>the horn.
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