[Vwdiesel] Clutch and Transm

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Thu Jul 28 10:31:46 EDT 2005

Milt Kaplan wrote:
> After putting in MTL and driving my pickup camper awhile, there seems to be some problems; Significant leaking gasket, clutch apparently slipping. Has fairly new clutch, has oil on it ruined it? Engine speeds under load. Reverse gear of tranny sometimes slips out, but that was a problem before. 5 speed, 1981. 
> How much of this needs to be replaced? I assume leaking rear main seal caused most of the trouble. 
> Time to replace tranny? 1981 pickup likely has 90mm flanges, 190mm clutch. It often takes several engagement tries to back up. I noticed in Roger Browns  transmission link,  020 up to 7/80 had 5th gear ratio .76 compared to .71, after 7/80, which is likely in mine. The chart shows speed for both being at 83mph?  Would the .76 give a noticable power improvement in 5th performance? 
> Best transmission option FF, FN or? 

The "best" one is the one that matches your reverse switch setup.  The '81 probably has the round plug style switch for reverse 
only.  The FF has this style as well.  The FN will have the larger switch for the up-shift light.  Swapping between the two is 
not a huge problem, but requires some wiring changes.

You'll have higher revs with the 0.76 5th gear as compared to the 0.71.  I found about a 200 RPM difference at highway speeds.


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