[Vwdiesel] Transmission trashing

rod welch rod.welch at kolumbus.fi
Thu Jul 28 12:33:21 EDT 2005

Hi All...   Somewhere on the internet I have seen an article about a
transmission component that caused problems and was changed in later
vans...'86/'87?? or something


I cannot find the article... don't know what the part was called.... and
can't remember what problems it caused.... (great...)

I know it was something about a weakness due to "sharp" corners and the
later part had rounded corners...

Or did I just dream all this??  Does anyone know??


Anyway to cut a long story short... I've lost R/G/1 and 4, managed to get 2
and neutral with a struggle (when I let the clutch out it makes horrible
grinding noises) and had to drive 350km in 3. I'm going to pull the whole
lot out and re-con the engine at the same time so any advice on where to
start with the tranny would be appreciated...


Thanx...   1987 syncro 1.6TD 


rod of finland


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