[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 181 ----( USA Energy Bill and Hagar. )

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Thu Jul 28 14:32:15 EDT 2005

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Subject: Rabbit droppings # 181 ----( USA Energy Bill and Hagar. )

> USA National Energy Policy --- for our international readers let me explain that I get
> satellite the debates and voting in the USA House and Senate --and so on.  -----and it
> taking BIG chunks out of my HOPE for the future and my optimistic outlook.------
> It is a country gone MAD.
> I Hagar is a child of the depression of 1929 ----that makes me a Wizard on
> urviving.  -----???? yeah ? YEAH ---I am here.----Go see your granny and watch her save
> pieces of string and Rubber bands and plastic containers ---EH ?   --if you do not get
> it ---? ----you are NOT a survivor.
> On my home Island Amager  --in 1941 to 1945  the power was REAL horse power ---NO-- no
> Arabians or Seabiscuits or Northern Dancers ???? ---the POWER   was great GREAT big
> Belgian or Clydesdales etc. ---and if it was up to me a monument of a Horse would be
> erected on the City square in København to HONOR those poor creatures ----that was
> and slavery of the worst kind. Growing up in a POOR home is NO fun----so I became a
> delivery boy for the grocery store across the highway----wonderful woman by the name Ms.
> Larsen ? Hansen? ----then the village blacksmith was impressed by my work for the local
> farmers and offered me an apprenticeship as a BLACKSMITH .----that sure was FUN for a
> while --?   just loved making Horse shoes and forging things.---BUT the day I had to
> hammer those BIG nails in the foot of the BIG Belgian ?  ---that did it for me ---that
> hind leg with those muscles ? ---
> Well I absolutely LOVE horses ----and if you think that TUNING a Rabbit diesel takes
> ? you aint seen nothing till you tried shoeing a big horse with WORN hooves.---If I ever
> become a Diesel Wizard  --my next thing will be HORSE WHISPERING.-----I am ashamed to
> that my favorite meat ?  --yes Horsemeat.
> My next movie ? ---will be "They shoot Horses don't they ? "------- ----Now that is a
> Horse of a different color ? ---JAH ?.
> Hagar.
> PS :  I love Jane shit and all --I am NOT perfect are you ? ---so Jane can't shit in the
> buckwheat ?  at times ?.---Like I said if SHE was my daughter ?  ---I would be proud as
> peacock.--and I would never have known what a magnificent woman she turned in to --if it
> was not for HATE mail from USA.
> I say Jane go--- go baby take them on ---NO PRISONERS.---we are many MANY with you.
> I am looking to buy a Horse right now ---my first --bet your sweet ass.
> And if you HATE JANE ? I hope you drop in for a cold brew.   I am old NATO and for
> ? just email me.

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