[Vwdiesel] Fuel filters, spec's, lifespan.

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> Sandy Cameron I Hagar can answer all those questions ---- why ? I was there.
> In Kanada the best of the best ---of spin on ?  Furnace tank Spinons. ----Like
> F 132    the holders and the filters are cheap.----If you start to loose power
> ?   ---- --simple ? just change filter on the run.
> Purolator---PER103 . F50103 ---fits the same holder. ----I have done LOTS of old Furnace
> oil and  ---what not ---- As a PRE filter nothing I know about is better or cheaper
> for dollar and Mile for Mile. ----if you know something better? ---- tell us TELL US.
> Better than that ? ---eh -Ja  ?----I am using home made filters using Blotter
> papers. -----jah ? you bet yours sweet ass.-----drip drip and drip and drip all day ?
> slow  ? yes but who cares ?----all fed by gravity and
> --kapillitory action.
> My mind is straying ---to Hitler and History.
> Hagar .
> PS:  A long thread just got wiped out ----by Bill Gates.

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